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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Baby’s First Birthday Gifts Tips

First Birthday Gifts Tips

When your baby is one year old baby, you may think about baby’s first birthday gifts. First birthday always be a great moment for us as parent because our baby has reached their first year. So, giving good gift is recommended to make our baby feels so happy. Read the information below to know more about baby’s first birthday gifts.

How to Choose Baby’s First Birthday Gifts

Every parent always wants to give best gift for their baby. But if you search for best gift to be given at your baby’s first birthday, you have to consider many things such as below:

·                     Color
When we choose gift for baby, we are better to consider about gift’s color. Make sure it will match with our baby. For example if you have a baby girl, you can choose a gift which has pink color. But if you have a baby boy, you can choose other gift’s color such as blue, green, and many more.

·                     Size
Size is also important thing you have to consider when choosing baby’s gift. We have to choose gift that has big size. Why? It will avoid bad effect. As we know that small gift may make it can be swallowed by baby. In first year, baby always wants to swallow many things. So, giving small gift is not recommended because it may make your baby in danger.

·                     Texture
Texture of gift is also important thing you have to consider. When you choose a gift for your baby’s first birthday, you are better to choose gift which has smooth texture. As we know that baby on their first year always likes beating stuff. So, giving smooth gift is more recommended.

Recommended Baby’s First Birthday Gifts

Now, let’s we talk about various gifts that can be recommended baby’s first birthday gift. Actually, we can match it with our baby’s interest. For example when our baby interested in using phone, we can give an imitation phone made of wood. It will make your baby feels so happy. Other recommended gifts are wooden puzzle, eating utensils, shoes, alphabet onesie, wooden blocks, growth chart, birthday book, and many more. For your suggestion, you are better to choose a gift that will make your baby learns many things from it.

Those are some tips and recommendation for you. You can use the information above as your reference. Finally, hopefully the information about baby’s first birthdays gifts above will be useful for you.

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