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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Simple Gas Relief for Babies

Simple Gas Relief for Babies

There are so many parents who want to know about gas relief for babies. As we know that baby always feel so uncomfortable when they have much gas in their body, especially on their stomach. When it happens, parent should know the best gas relief for babies to make their baby feel comfortable. Read the information below to know more about gas relief for babies.

Signs Your Baby Has Gas

When a baby has gas on his stomach, he will look so uncomfortable. It is accompanied by bloated. When it happens, a baby will cry and make movements. Not only that, you can also check your baby’s condition by yourself. Just pat your baby’s stomach. If you hear sound when you pat the baby’s stomach, it means your baby has gas in his stomach. As parent, we have to know the condition of our baby. When you see the signs of gas in your baby’ stomach, you can do many things to relief the gas.

How to Treat Gas on Baby’s Stomach

We know that having gas in stomach is so uncomfortable. As parent, we can do some ways to relief gas in baby’s stomach. Here are gas reliefs for babies that can be your recommendation:

·                     Rubbing Baby’s Stomach
Rub your baby’s stomach gently using eucalyptus oil. It will help your baby relieving gas on his stomach. Just rub the stomach gently until your baby feels comfortable and can release the gas on his stomach.

·                     Using Onion and Eucalyptus
You can also rub your baby’s stomach by using onion and eucalyptus. Just mix the slices of onion and little drops of eucalyptus. And then, rub your baby’s stomach using it. Just rub and massage the stomach gently until your baby feels comfortable.

·                     Playing
Movement can release gas on baby’s stomach. So, stimulate your baby to play. When your baby does many movements, gas on your baby’s stomach will be released through saltpeter.

·                     Warm Water
You can also use warm water to relief bloated. Just gives your baby warm water, but make sure the warm water is not hot water, so your baby will feel comfortable and can release the gas on his stomach.

Well, those are some information for you about gas relief for babies. You can use the information above as your reference whenever you feel so confuse to choose gas relief for baby. Hopefully, the information about gas relief for babies above will be useful for you.

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