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Friday, March 17, 2017

Baby Boy Elephant Shower Invitations

Baby Boy Elephant Shower Invitations? An invitation for baby shower is always important! Thus, you cannot miss it out! Seize the moment with your own hand-made invitations!

What You Need:
  • a template of your desired crafts
(for this project, a shape of elephants and trees are used)
  • 3.6’’ x 2.6’’ cardstock; preferably with eye-catching color
(the color needs to fit with the design of your template)
  • 11’’ x 5.4’’ cardstock in natural color, such as grey, beige, etc.
  • silver ink glimmer mist
  • a sponge
  • a photo of your beloved baby
  • rub-on stickers with matching patterns
(for this project, apples are used)
  • other necessary tools, such as pencils, a paper glue, a ruler and a pair of scissors, etc.

Steps to Do:

  1. Get ready for the base!
Take the bigger cardstock with natural or calm color, and measure it to have either an even square or rectangle shape for the base. After that, grab the silver ink glimmer mist as well as the sponge. Spray some of the mist on every edge of the paper, and rub it gently with the sponge to spread the glittery effect all around the cardstock. Wait until the entire card dries up.

  1. Make Your Own Template!
First, you need to think the design that your baby boy will like. Starting with his favorite animal will always be smart, but for this project, elephants and trees are used. You can download a picture of them from your computer, and print it out, just to remember how they look like. Then, you can draw the patterns on two sets of the eye-catching colored cardstocks. A firm, heavy cardstock will be highly recommended for the best result. When it is done, you can cut it out by following the shape of them. You may make few elephants in various sizes to make an elephant family. You may do the same with the trees. Remember that you need to get them done with different colored cardstocks. You can use blue for the elephants, while light green and brown for the tree’s trunk and leafs. Glue them side to side on the base, and place the rub-on stickers, until you get a portrayal of an elephant family eat together outside. 

3. Do the Finishing!
This might be the simplest yet heart-touching part. You can pick your wording to be delivered on the invitations. Don’t forget to customize it with a picture of your baby on the center of the card! You may as well make it as personal and unique as you wish for the guest! Your baby boy elephant shower invitations are ready to be sent out!

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