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Monday, March 6, 2017

Baby Shower Invitation for Girl

Baby Shower Invitation for Girl

Are you planning on your baby shower invites for girl? It is truly understandable that you want your baby shower to be special and different from other people, especially if you have baby girls. It is never a secret for any of us that a girl needs a lot of stuffs ever since their baby. They need distinctive colors, patterns, pictures and many more. For that reason, there are many companies that offer a lot of designs for baby shower invitation card. 

There are range of options available for new moms. The designs may include little princess, fashionista, shabby chic, and many more. Fabulous selections of beautiful and cute design might turn your head upside down. Well, if you cannot decide for yourself then you can consider baby shower invitation below.

Baby Shower Invitations

There are many available designs for baby shower invitations in the internet. Here are some of the designs that you may consider.
  • Are you a funky mom to be? Perhaps you would want your baby shower invitations to be more personal since “it’s your baby after all”. You can use dark colors like black and add some flowery ornaments with around the invitation card.
  • For girly mom to be, perhaps you would prefer to have a more calm and pretty looks on the invitation card. You can choose pastel colors like peach, tosca, or even light pink. You can also add some ornaments like flowers or baby silhouette. Some moms to be also love using colorful and different fonts at the same time. You might want to try it.
  • Baby girl is associated with dolls and princess. Perhaps you have got this idea on your mind? You might want to add pictures of a teddy bear in the center of the invitation. A teddy bear is something cute and even personal. You can also add tiara pictures on the top of your baby shower invitation since you're going to have a baby girl means you’re going to welcome a princess at home.
  • Another idea is to put photographs of you and your husband on the invitation. The parent to be picture state a strong message to others that you are delightful to welcome your daughter to this world and proud to have her around. To make it more intimate and personal, you can use simple black and white picture.

So now, you can start making the baby shower invites for girl and be proud to share it to others.

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