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Friday, March 17, 2017

Safety and Health: Gas Drops for Babies

Gas drops for babies become one of the very essential kits to bring wherever you go! We all know that babies often suffer from excess gas in their newborn; thus, this gas drop will be a good pain reliever for them!

What Are Gas Drops?
Gas Drops are a type of liquid medication used to cure the babies from gassiness and bloating as well as the abdominal pain. Usually, gas tends to be trapped in the stomach and intestines of newborn babies or young childs. Massaging their stomach will be an alternative to relieve the discomfort from gassiness. However, if you do the wrong treatment, it will only cause more pain for them. Gas drops will be a smart option, in which you only need to administer the drops over the counter through oral contact. Some brands might contain simethicone, the synthetic drug; but some others do not. You can always consult it to your babies’ doctor or pharmacist for further details about the impacts and benefits of them, because sometimes children might be allergic to the inactive ingredients in it. However, our babies’ comfort and safety always comes as the first priority, right?

How to Use Gas Drops for Babies
Before using it, shake the container well, and take it by mouth with a right amount of dosage. Your babies might have it after meals and before bedtime—for usually it is the time when a massive gas intake often occurs. But, you can give some more as directed by the doctor. For more detailed information, you can read the directions on the package of the product, or if you still wish to clear up the uncertainty related to some information, talking it out with the doctor or pharmacist will always be the best.

Then, after you measure the precise dosage, squeeze the liquid slowly into the baby’s mouth, to the inner cheek. You need to consider the baby’s age and weight for the exact dosage. But, if your child is one kind who is hard to take medicines, you can mix both the liquid with their favorite drink—make sure that both will work well and will not cause bad effect when drunk together! Also, keep in mind that you shall not use it on your babies more than 12 doses of it per day. When you are done, clean the dropper well after each use and dry it up, before closing the bottle tightly. However, if your babies’ health does not improve or even worsen after they take gas drops for babies, you need to seek for medical help as soon as possible!

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