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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Baby Björn Bassinet, Simple and Cozy Cradle

Our baby is precious. We need to make sure that a place where our baby is going to sleep is cozy and safe. It is even better if it has nice design. Baby Björn bassinet is a recommended bassinet for our precious baby. This bassinet is perfect for newborn babies till they reach six month old. 

Most baby bassinets has big size in order to provide spacious room for the baby. This can be a problem when your room doesn’t have enough space for placing the bassinet. For parents who live in a small house, Baby Björn will solve the problem. It has compact size which fits to any rooms even the small one. New parents often feel afraid when they cannot see their baby even for a while. Baby Björn bassinet will give them peace of mind since they can bring the bassinet around the house to be placed near them. So, they can check their baby from time to time.

The design is secure and safety. The bassinet is made of mesh fabric from the side of the bassinet to its canopy. Therefore, the air circulation moves freely in the bassinet. The bassinet design doesn’t use wood or iron bar for the sides, so you don’t have to use crib bumper to protect your children from bumping. There are no loose parts that can trap your baby’s tiny fingers, hands, and feet.

The bassinet rocks quiet easily even for the gentlest touch. This will be very helpful when your baby is crying. The springy movement will sooth his or her cry. The night of new parents will be much easier because of Baby Björn bassinet. They don’t have to get up from the bed to soothe the baby. They can just reach their baby over the bed side and rock the bassinet gently.
The bassinet can be used until the baby reach the age of six months or until the baby weigh 8 kg. It is still safe to use until the baby can sit up, kneel, and stand without help. The bassinet already has fluffy mattress inside, so it is not recommended to add other mattresses in the bassinet. The bassinet is easy to install. You don’t need heavy tools for the installment. The package include all the things you need for assembling it. So, what are you still looking for? Baby Björn bassinet is all you need for baby cradle

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