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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Baby Loves: Wendy Bellissimo Baby Clothes

Baby Loves: Wendy Bellissimo Baby Clothes

If you are looking for a fancy cloth for your baby, then you might as well check out Wendy Bellissimo Baby Clothes. Who is not familiar with the designs of Wendy Bellissimo, when it colors up many stores, while even Oprah Winfrey has called her to come to the show? Been trusted throughout the years, Wendy Bellissimo will ensure your baby's comfort to keep their laughters. Not only that, the stylish design will turn your baby to stand out in between their friends, as it helps them to show off their natural beauty, inside out!

Wendy Bellissimo for Baby Boy

Made in a plaid set, Wendy Bellissimo is considerably affordable for you. Only in $29.99, you can have a set of amazing clothing for your baby boy! It consists of 3 pieces, a hat, pants and top, all are designed in its finest. Not only that, it is provided in two color — white and baby blue. They say simplicity is the true elegance, after all. The clothings are made of a mixture of polyester and cotton, allowing your baby to move freely as the best materials will absorb the sweat to ensure your baby looks so fine throughout the day! The highlight of this set is, the hat is embroidered with 'handsome' classic writing on the front side of the headband. Amazing, isn't it?

Wendy Bellissimo for Baby Girl

Wendy Bellissimo will magically turn your baby girl with a chic look, although it will not decrease the natural cuteness that evaporates out of your baby. The price might be a little bit more expensive than those of the boys' clothing, but it is always worth it for our little lady! You need to take out some cash for around $45 for a set of baby girl clothes. With a velvet look for both shirt and pants, your little baby will look sophisticated in it. Not only that, the clothings are so soft, since they are made of the finest cotton and polyester. The warmth of it will keep your baby cozy, as it will protect the baby from the exposure of extreme weather, so it will decrease the risk of the baby to get sick. Not convince enough? Your baby will look sweet, as the bottom of the shirt perfectly blends with the ruffles — a mesh ruffles in purple. This will also match with the pants, which have the same mesh purple ruffle around the bottom side of the pants.    Wendy Bellissimo Baby Clothes will help your little heroes to be a great fashionista!

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