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Monday, May 15, 2017

How to Choose Costco Baby Strollers

Costco is a famous wholesale brand which provide all the things you can imagine including Costco baby strollers. They have various types of baby stroller from few brands. The strollers are also affordable. Buying Costco baby strollers can save you times since you don’t have to go from one store to the other. If you interest to buy baby strollers in Costco, here are few tips to find the right stroller. Have a look. 

Safety standards

The most thing to consider when you buy baby items is the safety. The safe baby stroller should have frames which lock firmly into their positions. This is to make sure the frames won’t collapse easily. You should check the frames very carefully for any sharp edges, loose parts, protrusions, or holes that may trap and hurt your baby’s tiny fingers and toes. The strollers should have had safety standard certification by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA).

Restraint system

A good baby stroller should be established with 5-point harness which includes shoulder harness and lap belt. Look for the stroller that is easy to unhook, but locked firmly.

Reclining seat

Reclining seat will be helpful when your child fall asleep on the stroller. Look for baby stroller which can be recline easily, preferably single-handed recline mechanism.

Easy to maneuver

Check the front and the rear wheels if both can swivel. Swiveling wheels make the stroller turn easily even when you turn it single-handed. The stroller should be able to move in a straight line.

Brake system

Examine the wheels whether they locked firmly in position after you engage the brake. Look for stroller with easy-to-engage brake system that even with open toes you still can engage the brake. Some brakes will lock both wheels at once, and the others will lock the wheels separately. It is only matter of preferences.

Handle height

The ideal handle height is at waist level or a bit lower. Look for strollers with adjustable handle if you don’t feel comfortable with the standard handle height.


Canopy will protect your baby from scorching sun, wind, and rain. Look for stroller made of fabric that can filter UV rays as well as hold the rain. 

Buying Costco baby strollers is much cheaper than buying the strollers in kids’ stores. You should follow the tips mentioned above to get the right one. Don’t compromise your child’s safety with bad quality strollers.

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