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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Lactose Intolerance Toddler Poop Symptoms and First Aid Treatment

Lactose intolerance toddler poop is caused because your toddlers can’t breakdown their milk sugar. This problem happens because the lack of specific enzyme known as lactose. Commonly, this health problem is suffered by older children or adult but toddler can also suffer from this problem temporarily. Before treating this problem, you should learn more about lactose intolerance symptoms.

The Increase of Gas

The first symptom of lactose intolerance toddler poop is excessive abdominal gas. This symptom occurs because your toddler has a problem to digest carbohydrate in its small intestine. For example, your toddler can’t digest milk sugar. The level of the gas is increased because bacteria break it down. Just notices when their stomach is a little bit noisy or gurgling because it can be the sign of excessive abdominal gas. You also need to notice if your beloved baby is passed large amount of gas frequently especially after drinking milk or eating products contain of milk. There is a big possibility that your baby is suffered from lactose intolerance.


Excessive abdominal gas is not the only symptom of lactose intolerance. In the next phase, your toddler can also suffer from diarrhea. This is because the lactose is not perfectly digested in the colon. As the result, the lactose is still there and it attracts fluid. In certain period of time there will be excessive fluid in the colon. The impact of this problem is that the stool will be full of water and it triggers diarrhea and the increase of gas at the same time. In this condition the stool of your toddler is more acidic than a normal bowel movement. If you let this problem without any proper treatment, your toddler will be suffered from skin irritation. Just notice if your toddler looks uncomfortable around its bottom. Just check it carefully because they might be suffered from sore bottom and started to scratch their bottom over and over again. This is the sign that they have skin irritation problem caused by lactose intolerance.

Abdominal Cramp

One more symptom of lactose intolerance toddler poop is abdominal cramp or pain. Some of toddlers are suffered soon after eating. You might be worried if your baby is experiencing nausea or vomiting although it is rarely happen. This symptom may happen when your toddler is eating or drinking foods contain of high level of lactose. You baby will feel the pain around 30 minutes after eating and drinking it. What you have to do is be selective in choosing foods or drinks for your toddler. It is better not to give them yogurt or cheese if they are suffered from lactose intolerance. You might give them such kind of dairy products as long as it is eaten with different type of food. It is also not allowed to let them drink a glass of milk with empty stomach because it triggers abdominal cramp.

How to Treat Toddler with Lactose Intolerance

Definitely, you can see the sign of lactose intolerance from toddler poop. In normal condition, you will see solid poop. When they are suffered from lactose intolerance, the poop will be in the form of liquid and watery. Mostly it is followed by gas, diarrhea, and abdominal cramp. So, how to know and treat such kind of lactose intolerance? The easiest way to know, whether your toddler is suffered from lactose intolerance or not is by using lactose breath test. The purpose of using this test is testing their hydrogen level in their breath after consuming lactose. So, if you see there is a significant increase on their hydrogen level, it means they might be faced improper digestion system and it leads them to lactose intolerance.

How about if your toddler can’t take the lactose breath test? The best way is by strict limitation of eating or drinking foods contain of lactose. Just do it for about two up to four weeks. It is true that there is no specific medication for digestion problem. What you can do is preventing this kind of problem. Because of that, you may perform diet modification method to your toddler so they don’t have to face digestion problem which can cause lactose intolerance.

One more thing you can do to overcome the symptoms or the impacts of lactose intolerance for your toddler is let them take lactase enzyme supplement especially if you have to give foods or drinks contain of lactose. The best treatment is to know how many foods and drinks which contain of lactose they can handle. Don’t give it more than they can handle. It is also necessary for you to notice the need of vitamin D and calcium for your beloved toddler. Lack of vitamin D and calcium lead them to have digestive health problem and of course lactose intolerance problem. So, just notice and learn more about lactose intolerance toddler poop and how to treat it well. Hopefully, your lovely toddler can face this condition and they don’t need to face serious health problem because of lactose intolerance.    

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