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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Mom's Love: How to Make A Baby Shower Invitation

Ahoy It’s A Boy Baby Shower Invitation! What is greater than parents' true love? Living in this digital era, where everyday you need to catch up with the hectic schedule, you might miss spending a quality-time with your family. You might feel this even more if you go back to work after your maternity phase has passed. Baby shower will become a right moment for you to show your beloved that you care, especially by making the baby's shower invitation on your own!

Things You Need:
- a design of your desired invitation card
(in this case, a superman is chosen)
- a pile of cardstocks; preferably with soft color, such as white
- 11’’ x 5.4’’ cardstock in matching color, such as striped red and blue
- rub-on stickers that match your design
(we use small houses and stars)
- blue and gold glitter
- 5’’ square-cut of a colorful scrapbook paper
- other necessary tools, such as pencils, a ruler and a pair of scissors.

Steps to Do:

First thing you need to do is working on the white colored card stock, for it will be used as the base. You can make it square or rectangle, it all depends on your taste. For this project, we use a square. Measure it in 5.4'' x 5.4'' sized card, so you will have almost half of the red card. After that, trim it carefully, so you earn a clean-cut result. Then, you can draw a pattern of superman right on the center of the card with a pencil, and color him. Later on, get the rub on sticker of houses and stars. You can even grab a set stickers of town, including its small lampposts and people who stare up at the superman. Places them on the right and left side of the card, just below the superman. Then, you can also rub on the star stickers on top of the superman's head, so it looks as if he is flying on the sky, his cloak waves behind him. To illuminate the effect of a starry night sky, get the glitters and pour them generously — the blue one for the sky, while the gold is for the stars. After it is done, you can slip it inside the bigger card stock, so it will work out as the envelope. You can write personal stuff on the cards, or you can even put your baby's face in replacement to the superman's face. Ahoy It’s A Boy Baby Shower Invitation!

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