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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Parents' Guide: How to Keep Bottles for Breastfed Babies

Taking care of the Bottles for Breastfed Babies can be an easy task. However, you cannot belittle it, for bottles are the media for the babies when they are eating. It makes the bottles become a determinant factor of your baby's health as well as the baby's growth, so you need to ensure that they are not contaminated by any kind of bacteria, germs, or even virus. Of course you do not want to risk your baby's safety just because you are not careful enough, right?

Get A High-Quality Nipple

This might seem as a simple and trivia thing, but the medics agree that you have to pick the right nipple. If you have problem with breastfeeding, so you need to bottle-feeding your baby every day, then you need to pay attention to this. Get one which resembles to a breast nipple completely. This aims to prevent your baby from having a misalignment on their teeth and jaw. Not only that, by selecting one, you can improve your baby's growth, such as helping with their digestion and oral development. You can ask your doctor to suggest you a good brand. If not, you need to chose one that has orthodontic nipple. One of this kind will flatten as your baby sucks on it — just like yours — so it will fit with the baby's mouth. Moreover, it helps the milk to blend with the baby's saliva, where it will be easier for your baby to digest it, faster than those who do not have the orthodontic nipple. Later on, your baby is able to grow healthy and happy, since they will not fuss over rough bottle nipple.

Keep the Set Clean

Aside getting one with a right nipple, you need to make sure the cleanness of the bottles, because it will be the main factor for your baby' health. After every use, you have to wash them and keep it sterilized — be it the nipples or the bottles. Don't let them on the sink when you are done using it, for the bad germs might grow on a dirty environment. You might as well put them in a bowl of hot water and keep it for half an hour to kill the germs and other bacteria. After that, you can wash the  Bottles for Breastfed Babies with trustworthy soap and put them inside the sterilizer — or a microwave will do too.

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