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Friday, May 19, 2017

Party Planner: Burlap Baby Shower Invitations

As your baby is growing older, you must want to give the best out of you for your little one that even thinking of the baby shower concept up to Burlap Baby Shower Invitations will make you so excited. Who would not be, afterall? Baby shower is one of the important event that marks the growth of your baby, as you will be able to record everything for future purposes. It might even be one of the occasion where you can show off about how much you love your baby, as well as how healthy and happy your little family is.

Selecting A Concept: Why Burlap?

For you, who are fond of luxurious things must have been wondering why should you use burlap instead of other things? Of course you can add many more fancy materials if sophistication and richness are what you are striving for; however, burlap will make a simple yet warm concept for your baby shower. Not only that, it will be gender neutral, as a beautiful handcraft of your own will add more values and memory from this event. With a touch of parenthood, you can envelope your baby to feel your sincerity and affection that you bathe them with.

Preparing for the Burlap

You must have known what burlap is, as you might as well recognize the smell of burlap due to its chemical reaction. If you have yet to be familiar with burlap, then preparing for it might be a little bit tricky for you. When you are not careful enough during the washing process, sometimes the smell of burlap will not fade away. Before you make an invitation which is accented with burlap, you first need to cut the burlap into some pieces. The size can follow the need of your invitations, such as the size of the invitations cards themselves, for burlap is usually going to be used as the accessory to sweeten the cards. Before you wash the burlap, you need to make a zigzag pattern on each side of the burlap, creating a small pattern of stitch. It will be much easier if you do this with the sewing machine. After that, you can serge every edge of the burlap. You have to do this carefully though, so you will not have ugly and asymmetrical cuts. Then, you can drown it in a mixture of vinegar so the smell will evaporate, and wash it twice, before you can sew it for your Burlap Baby Shower Invitations.

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