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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

8 Tips When Performing Transition Activities in Child Care

Performing Transition Activities in Child Care

Performing transition activities in child care is slightly hard, especially when the child care is full of children showing challenging behaviors. Transition time is basically where the children are asked to move from one activity to another activity. Say for example, the children are still outside the classroom playing with the toys but they need to come inside the classroom in five minutes to have lunch. This can be chaotic if you just remove them from the yard and drag them inside. That is why you need to perform the transition activity which involves singing, dancing, and other fun activities. If you have never done it before, below are some tips to do when you perform the transition activities in child care.

1.     Send a Signal and Warning
Forcefully remove the children from their current activity will never end up well. You will have to gently remind children about the next activity. Tell them that it is time to end their current activity and move to the next one. Use tambourine shakes or whistle to gain their attention. Do not scream at them to get their attention. You can simply use the instruments to get their attention instead.

2.     Move Along Using Song
Children love songs, especially fun songs with hand clapping and feet stomping. There are so many songs you can try and even the lyrics can be modified. You can use theme-related transition songs to get the attention. Use famous children songs such as “Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars” or "The Wheels on Your Bus" with modified lyrics to make the activity even more fun.

3.     Plan Ahead
Transition activity is not something you can think of the last minute. You need to plan ahead the transition activity, especially when you manage a child care where the number of the children is quite big. If you are going to conduct transition activity with art projects, you need to prepare art supplies right from the start. If your transition activity needs properties like puppets or toys, make sure they are ready from the beginning.

4.     Be Enthusiastic
All you want for the transition activity is making the children exciting so that moving on to the next activity will not be a difficulty at all. That is why you need to be enthusiastic as well so that the children can see your energy and they will be exciting as well. That is why you need to start the transition time with interesting activity right away in order to make both of you and the children excited.

5.     Keep Moving
Standing still is something that little children simply do not like. They like to run around free. That is why you can let your children have transition activity involving body movements such as game or exercise. This will totally help the children to stay active but organized. This activity should be done before the naptime in order to burn their energy so that they can go to the naptime easily.

6.     Create Rituals
Small ritual during the transition time will be remembered easily by the children. You need to create a sort of chant or short songs to be performed during the “rituals”. As the children finished their activity, you can ask them to sing the short songs or chant and them moving on to the next activity.

7.     Personalize Naptime
If your child care is including some nap time, make sure that the transition time between washing hands and feet and nap time is going smoothly. Make sure that you have one person to handle the nap time. Also, make sure the space for the children to have nap is personalized. During the transition time, play soothing music and dim the light so that the children will fall asleep easily. If the children simply do not go to sleep at the same time, you can give them personalized naptime.

8.     Wake Up Gently
Not everyone in the classroom will wake up at the same time. The transition time between naptime and the next activity can be rough because if children are forcefully woken up, they can get into a shocked and chaos. That is why you need to wake the children up so gently. Try to give them warm hugs or just let them have a sip of juice to wake them. If they cry, you can soothe them by giving them back rubbing or give them their toys.

Doing the transition activities in child care is fun as long as you know what to do. Those tips above will surely help you to perform the transition time activities way easier. You will have to get the ability to control the class without having to face the tantrum from the little children. Those transition activities in child care above can surely be performed as daily basis and they will help you to get more organized class, even though the class is full of toddlers.

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