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Sunday, June 4, 2017

All You Need to Know about Transition Ideas for Infants and Toddlers

Transition ideas for infants and toddlers are totally needed when you are a preschool or daycare teacher who need to make sure that each and every one of the toddler in the classroom is happy all the time. Transition time is rough. It is because you will have to separate the toddlers from what they are currently doing and make them do the next activity. If you force the toddlers the hard way, instead of listening what you say, they will start crying and screaming. The classroom will turn into chaos. That is why you need to master the transition time activity. Below is more information about transition ideas for infants and toddlers that you need to know.

1.     What is Transition Time?
In a classroom, especially in preschools, transition time can be defined as the period of time between one activity and another activity. The easiest example of transition time is when the toddlers are moving from lunchtime to playtime. Sometimes some toddlers finish their meal before everyone else. This sort of time is very easy to get out of control or out of hands. It is because toddlers or preschool age children do not like to do nothing. They have to do something and sometimes this triggers chaos. That is why transition activities are needed. It will fill the gap between one activity to another activity so that all toddlers will have fun time moving on to the next activity.

2.     The Ideas for Transition Time
There are some general ideas teachers of preschool love to do when they have to face the transition time. Some of them are:
·         Music Activity
Basically, small children love music and songs. They will clap along and stomp their feet when they hear fun music. That is why one of the best activities to fill the transition time is just to ask them to sing or sing along with them. There are so many children’s songs that you can try in the classroom.
·         Exercise
Exercising is good for the children because they cannot stand still and moving their body during the exercise is going to make them feel comfortable. Simple exercise like raising their hands, stretch their hands, move the head, and so on are just so easy to do and even the toddler will find zero difficulties to do them.
·         Reading Activity
It is like the story time. Small children love when some adults read them story, especially when the story teller can do voices and impressions. That is why it is great for you to try this activity in order to keep the toddlers busy during the transition time.
·         Playing Simple Games
Simple games like Simon Says, What’s Missing? or I Spy are great to fill the transition time. It will make the toddlers happy, too. That is why you should try to have these games at least once a day during the transition time just to make sure that the transition time is not boring for the toddlers.
·         Question Time
Dismissing the toddlers to the next activity by asking them one question and make them answer it is a good idea. The toddlers then can learn to answer questions and also to wait in line.

3.     What Will the Toddlers Learn During Transition Time?
There are so many things that the toddlers will learn during the transition time. In class, they already learn about colors, ABC’s, and so on. However, during the transition time and during the transition time activities, they are taught to do these things:
·         Sharing
Sometimes during transition time games, there will be properties that need to be shared. The toddlers will learn about sharing with their friends during the game.
·         Waiting in Line
Waiting in line is hard to do when the case is toddlers. Instead of waiting in line, they will literally start running around and it seems impossible handle the situation. Transition time is including games and singing and question time where the toddlers need to be standing in line.
·         Listen to Instruction
Listening to instruction can be hard to do for toddler. Sometimes they just do not care. However, during the transition time activity, they will have to listen to the instruction given by the teacher. If they still don’t, they will get left behind for sure.

Now that you know everything about transition ideas for infants and toddlers, you can basically make the transition time less chaotic. You do not need to forcefully remove the toddlers from their current activities in order to get them to the new activity with the rest of the classroom. Practice all those suggestions above and getting the toddlers into new activities will be just a piece of cake. However, you still need to posses huge patience in order to deal the toddlers because sometimes they can just get out of hands. That is why the transition ideas for infants and toddlers need to be used.

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