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Saturday, June 24, 2017

When Will Baby Crawl And How To Help Them

Crawling is one of the steps of development in babies before they start standing and walking with their two tiny legs, and that is what makes the question of when will baby crawl really popular among new parents. When the baby starts to crawl, the parents will be cautious towards their ability to crawl as well.

How Babies Start Crawling

In the beginning, for babies to be able to crawl, it usually starts with the baby being able to carry their weight with their two arms. This is not easy for the baby to do, so the parents have to stimulate the baby to crawl so that the baby will grow well physically. Crawling will make the body parts of the body more trained. Hands, joints, and muscles whether big or small will be more balanced, and crawling will also help their development and understanding of language, as well as their sensitivity towards touch and visuals.

In general, babies will start crawling when they enter the ages of 6 to 10 months. There are some babies that are able to crawl by the age of 7 months, but some may only start at the age of 10 months and only master crawling at the age of 11 months. When babies cannot crawl, this may be caused by obesity, malnutrition, and also late development.

Babies Crawl Differently

There are different ways or types in which a baby crawls. First of all, there are babies who crawl will their hands and knees. There are also babies who use their hands and feet. You may not see it often, but there also babies who crawl using their stomach or by dragging themselves along the ground. When babies start to crawl, their parents should pay attention to them to keep away items that are potentially dangerous to the baby. Remember that when a baby is able to crawl, they can move around the room or space you are placing them in and you might not be used to this at first, unaware that there are things around the room that may harm your baby.

Do not worry too much about bacteria that will come in contact with your baby’s hands when they start crawling. You can always use antibacterial wipes. Besides using antibacterial wipes to wipe them when changing their diapers, you can now use those wipes to clean their hands, knees, or feet that they use for crawling. Some antibacterial wipes have tea tree oil in them which has the quality of natural antiseptic, and will protect the skin from bacteria leaving the baby’s skin clean,  soft, and hygienic while not causing any irritations of the skin.

How To Stimulate Babies To Crawl

In order for babies to crawl as soon as they can, parents can give the stimulation they need. For example, you can ask the baby to play with their favorite toy. You can try using toys that are really bright in color so that they stand out. Play with the baby by moving the toy around so the baby can try to reach it while crawling. This is a really effective method to train babies so that they can crawl smoothly.

This may sound silly, but parents can try to give an example to the baby by crawling as well. This works for babies as they will mimic the movements of their parents. Again, make sure that the baby is crawling in a space that is safe and that there are no dangerous items around them.

You most probably have heard of the famous tummy time, but you may not be sure of its benefits. It is actually one of the ways to stimulate a baby to crawl and to train the baby to lift their head, stomach, and also their body. You can try giving your baby tummy time after giving your baby a bath in the morning or in the afternoon when your baby is already more than 2 months old. Pay attention to your baby during this time.

Another thing you can do is to use mattresses to train a baby to crawl. This trick can be especially favorable for you if you don’t have a lot of empty space in your house, as a mattress will provide plenty of space for the baby to crawl on. However, if your mattress is high above the ground it can be very dangerous so you should pay close attention to avoid the baby from falling down. Lessen the time you spend carrying the baby so that the baby will be motivated to train themselves to crawl by moving the parts of their body.

The last thing you can do if you find that your baby is difficult to stimulate to crawl is to give your baby a massage. If it still does not work and your baby is already the age of when will baby crawl, consult with a doctor

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