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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Why Does Baby Cry When Changing Diaper?

Why does baby cry when changing diaper? This question is probably asked by many moms or parents nowadays. Diaper is indeed a good solution for baby so that he or she will not pee everywhere and stain the clothes. However, it is known also that wearing diaper so often is not so good for their health. This becomes a thing to be considered by parents why the baby cries with the diaper. Parents also commonly consider some other possibilities like the baby may feel cramped and not comfortable so that they cry. Indeed, we cannot just simply decide the reason why a baby is crying. The more important thing is actually by looking for the ways so that they will not cry anymore later. Here are then some matters you should know well about the crying baby when the diaper is changed. Check them out.

The Feeling of Stuffy

It must be really impossible for the baby to say that they feel cramped, stuffy, and uncomfortable with the diaper he or she wears. Sometimes, the cry is being loud out when the diaper is changed not when it is worn. Based on that fact, there some ways you should do when the diaper is changed. First of all, make sure that you release the diaper smoothly and gently. The friction between diaper and skin baby can just make him or her feel itchy and even painful. This can be the main reason why they are crying actually. Then, you have to clean an dry them by using water in the area of the genital, rectum, and even stomach and legs. After ensuring that those parts are clean, wipe them smoothly using smooth baby towel. Actually, you should not directly wear them the new diaper. If you and your baby is already not having a trip or something, you only need to wear them a diaper made from so that they can feel more comfortable and refreshing. Well, diaper made from fabric doesn’t need to be worn too often in a day since it is indeed not good for the baby’s health.


A certain diaper product may not be good enough for your baby. it can be whether the product which is indeed not hygienic and out of date or maybe the baby itself who suffers a kind of allergic. If this is the matter, it means that you have to change the brand or type of the diaper. For the safest way, you even don’t need to wear them any synthetic diaper at all. Cloth diaper is much better for many reasons in this point even if you must need to change it too often. The skin irritation for baby actually can just be handled by you. You need to clean the skin particularly the part with irritation at first with antiseptic liquid or simply with the clean water. Using powder of anti-irritation can help so that the feeling of itchy can just be decreased. Another idea is by using ointment that is specially used for baby. it is actually interesting since there are so many products nowadays that are indeed intended to heal the irritation and the feeling of itchy around the diaper area. The product can be in the form of liquid, oil, or cream. Make sure you smear them while changing the diaper. They can just give the baby more feeling of cool, refreshing and comfortable.

How to Solve the Problems

Sure, if the baby is crying while the diaper is changed, it can just make the process of diaper changing takes a very long time. Despite you may need to change the diaper gently and use the product of anti itch and irritation, there are some other ways you can do so that the baby probably stops crying. The first idea is by letting the baby to listen to the music. Of course, it must not be rock music or something that is really hard and loud. Slow music or the cheerful one like bubblegum pop can be a good idea. Well, although it is said the slow music, you should not give the baby those kinds of music that are really sad whether in term of tone or lyric. Music tends to stimulate the baby’s brain. Despite making them smarter and more intelligent later, the music is also able to stabilize his or her emotion that is commonly released in the form of crying. Another way is by letting the baby to play. Yes, giving the baby a kind of toy that looks attractive can just make his or her attention sidetracked. It is important to give the baby safe or even edible toy since there is a chance that the toy will be inserted to the mouth. So, those are the things to answer; why does baby cry when changing diaper?

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